Rooftop Hotel Mousai South


Hotel Mousai is poised to host exceptional incentive trips, offering an adult-friendly venue for team building activities as well as opulent dinners in the heart of paradise.

The Red Room Garza Blanca Hotel Mousai

The Red Room

A glamorous venue for every occasion, this adaptable yet sophisticated space transforms into a ballroom, concert hall, conference center, press room or wedding reception.

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Tierra Luna Forum

TierraLuna Forum

"Nestled amidst the captivating allure of TierraLuna Gardens, the TierraLuna Forum emerges as the quintessential venue for those seeking a harmonious fusion of modern elegance and nature’s serene embrace. With a capacity to accommodate 100 guests, and extending up to 200 for special setups, it offers a versatile canvas for various events.

  • Cocktail Soirees
  • Enchanting Weddings
  • Grand Receptions
  • Vibrant Concerts
  • Tranquil Yoga Classes
Garza Blanca Hotel Mousai

The Orange Deck

An enchanting open air space, ideal as a lavish foyer and cocktail reception for the Red Room or a venue in its own right.

Garza Blanca Hotel Mousai


A peerless, adaptable outdoor venue surrounded by lush tropical jungle which can entertain up to 200 people.

Tierra Luna Deck

Tierra Luna Deck

Immerse yourself in the magic of the outdoors at our adaptable Deck, where the stunning vistas of TierraLuna craft a mesmerizing backdrop for any occasion. It’s an exquisite canvas that embraces both intimacy and grandeur, offering a capacity of 80 to 100 guests. This versatile space is ideal for:

  • Chic Cocktail Parties
  • Warm Receptions
  • Live Concerts and Open-Air
  • Cinema Nights
  • Restorative Yoga Classes

Personal Information

Group Information

Special requirements:
Setup Pax. Sq. Ft. Dimentions
Banquet 140 2,831 55’ 9’’ x 50’ 11’’
Conference 240 2,831 55’ 9’’ x 50’ 11’’
Divided Conference
Room: A/B
26’ 10.5’’ x 50’ 11’’
28’ 6.5’’ x 50’ 11’’
School 112 2,831 55’ 9’’ x 50’ 11’’

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