The healthy lifestyle you have always envisioned

Why not reserve a court for an hour or so to play a game of tennis or squash at the specially designed Outdoor Play & Fitness Center, or join the activities team on one of the free daily jungle hikes to explore the nature preserve that envelops the hotel. For soothing the mind, body and spirit, complimentary yoga classes take place throughout the week on the beach and by the river or you can follow the Zen Walk route, focusing on the Buddhas and deities you will meet around the preserve one by one.

Outdoor Play & Fitness Center

Surrounded by lush vegetation, birdsong and fresh jungle air in Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai’s versatile sports courts make exercise a restful pursuit.

This stunning Outdoor Play & Fitness Center offers an outdoor tennis court and air-conditioned squash room which you can reserve free of charge. The activities team will provide you with rackets and balls for use while you are at the courts and you can make reservations directly with the pool concierge.

Outdoor Play & Fitness Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta
The Fitness Center is open from 7am to 6pm


  • Outdoor Tennis Court
  • Squash Court with airconditioning
  • Recreation and common areas with trendy furniture
  • Bathrooms and changing rooms
  • Free rental of rackets and balls
  • Surrounded by more than 50 fruit trees from the region
  • Only 3 minutes from the Lobby in golf car

From February 17 to 19, 2023; March 2 to 5 and 18, 19, 22 to 31, 2023, Sierra, the tennis court at Hotel Mousai, will be closed due to diverse events that will take place on the court. The squash court, located next to the tennis courts, will be closed for maintenance until further notice. We invite you to check out other facilities at the resort, just click here!

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