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Travel Tips

  • Do I need a valid passport to travel to Mexico?

    Yes, you need a valid passport to travel to Mexico, and remember to keep your tourist card stamped by immigration upon entry. It will be required to exit the country.

  • Should I exchange my money for local currency?

    Yes, it is recommended that you exchange money for local currency. Check the daily exchange rate to know how much you are paying. Large establishments accept U.S. dollars and debit cards, but it is best to carry some pesos as some smaller vendors only accept cash.

  • Is there a place to keep my belongings safe?

    Yes, you can keep your belongings safe by putting your valuables, including your passport, in your hotel room safe.

  • Should I book my activities online?

    You can book your activities online if you want to reserve them in advance of your trip. Most tour companies do have websites where you can book directly. You can also book your tours with concierge or at the on-site travel agency once you arrive at the hotel and they can give you recommendations about the best tours and tour companies.

  • How necessary is it to rent a car in Puerto Vallarta?

    Renting a car is relatively cheap and easy, and it gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding towns, independently. If you plan to spend most of your time at the resort, it isn’t really necessary. Taxis can take you to and from the airport and around the local area.

  • Is it necessary to pack sweaters for a beach vacation?

    It is recommended that you pack a light sweater, as the weather can be cooler in the mornings and late evenings, especially during the winter months, December to March.

  • Is there any special clothing or gear I need to pack for adventure tours?

    For adventure tours, we recommend that you bring closed-toed shoes and light, comfortable clothing for activities such as riding ATVs, horseback riding, and zip lining. For snorkel tours, you will want to bring your swimsuit. For all tours, you should bring insect repellent, biodegradable sunscreen, and a sun hat or cap to protect you from the sun.

  • Are all-inclusive resorts worth my money?

    The advantage of staying at an all-inclusive resort is that it is a package deal where all your food, drinks, and snacks are included, which takes away the stress of staying on budget, so you can just enjoy your vacation.

  • Why do I get a bracelet at the resort?

    You receive a bracelet at the resort when you have booked an all-inclusive plan. Make sure you wear your bracelet while at the resort, since it allows the staff to identify you as an all-inclusive guest and gives you access to the many amenities included.

  • Is it dangerous to swim at the beaches of Puerto Vallarta?

    Most of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta are safe to swim at. However, you will want to check for signs or colored flags posted nearby, which inform you about the tide conditions. In stormy weather or during high tides, you are advised not to swim. The beach located in front of Garza Blanca, Hotel Mousai’s sister property, is the perfect beach to swim at.

  • Should I feel safe in Puerto Vallarta’s nightclubs?

    Yes, you should feel safe in Puerto Vallarta’s nightclubs, which are deemed safe for tourists to enjoy. However, we do advise that you exercise caution, don’t accept open drinks from strangers and it is never a good idea to drink excessively.

  • When should I book my activities in Puerto Vallarta?

    You should book your tours as soon as you decide which ones you want to take. In high season (December to March) tours can sell out quickly, so you will want to book in advance to ensure you get the tour you want. Contact the resort’s concierge if you need help deciding, they will gladly recommend activities for you.

  • Should I leave valuables in my hotel room when going to the beach?

    Yes, you should leave your valuables in your hotel room safe when going to the beach. While the beaches are considered safe, it is best to not bring any valuables to the beach, and keep them where you know they are secure.

  • Should I visit the Malecon on my trip to Puerto Vallarta?

    Yes, you should visit the Malecon. This iconic beachfront boardwalk is full of colorful vendors, unique statues, delicious local treats, restaurants, bars, and lively music. It is a must-see on your trip to Puerto Vallarta.

  • Is Puerto Vallarta’s downtown safe?

    Yes, you should feel safe to wander the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta and you can feel comfortable taking an evening stroll through the cobblestone streets of this charming city center.

  • Where can I shop for souvenirs in Puerto Vallarta?

    Puerto Vallarta offers a ton of shops where you can buy souvenirs. TierraLuna Village on the Garza Blanca Preserve is a great spot to shop for souvenirs with 9 unique boutiques. You can also visit the local mercados (markets), located downtown, where you can find an extensive selection of handcrafted Mexican souvenirs to bring home.

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